Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Financial Aid Corner

Welcome to the Financial Aid Corner! Financial Aid for college is incredibly difficult to understand and keep up to date. Every year there are changes made which may be completely different than the previous year's rules. Think of the Financial Aid rules like a model of a car and the Department of Education as the car manufacturer. Each year the manufacturer releases a new edition of an existing model, and when they do, sometimes they change very little and sometimes they change a lot. Some models are discontinued, just like some rules are discontinued.

It's difficult to keep up with the rules even if you are in the industry because there are so many rules, you would only want to focus on the rules that deal with your situation specifically. The goal of this blog is to inform you on some of the intricacies of Financial Aid and hopefully to inform you on a wide range of subjects. As mentioned above, Financial Aid can be very complicated: there are exceptions, exceptions to exceptions, and once in awhile exceptions to the exceptions of the exceptions.

And I have to include a few disclaimers:

This blog is meant to inform and educate; it is not meant to be the sole answer for any particular situation. Every person's Financial Aid is unique to them, and therefore may not be fully explained through any post that will be found here. No blog posting should be taken as a cited source for any particular situation. The best thing for you to do as a student is to check with your Financial Aid Office. Rules are unique sometimes from school to school, so the way one school might take care of a situation may not be how another school could. And if you're an FAO checking this blog out, then always go back to the FSA Handbook and the Dept. of Ed. for guidance. I personally always err on the side of caution, so don't quote me, since I don't know everything, but then again, in FA, who does? I should also add that no student names will be mentioned on this blog, although some real situations might be used as examples; however, these real situations will be interspersed with fictional situations. The purpose is to give examples so that you will better understand the topic.

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