Monday, October 8, 2012

Clery Act Violations Increased

This is for all you FA, compliance, and administrators out there. There is big news on the Clery Act front as of October 2.

Before October 2, violations of the Clery Act carried a maximum fine of $27,500 per infraction. However, the Dept of Ed posted a change to that in the Federal Register declaring that the fine was going up to $35,000, which is a huge increase. The cited reason is to increase due to inflation.

The silver lining in this is that this will only affect violations that occurred after October 2. If the violations were before October 2, then they will be at the old $27,500 rate. If an investigation is ongoing currently and it started before October 2, then it will be at the old rate as well.

This is just another good reason (as if there aren't enough already) to make sure you are in compliance with Clery Act issues.

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