Monday, April 2, 2012

FSA Handbook

What is the number one place Financial Aid personnel are told to look for more guidance regarding FA rules and regulations? The FSA Handbook. Published every year, the Federal Student Aid is a very complete answer guide to most of the rules and regulations concerning financial aid. It is a thick book containing a total of six volumes, and comes to the school hole punched for a binder. FA offices should have a copy of the handbook somewhere to refer to. The entire handbook is online on the IFAP website so it's easier to search for certain topics than it is in book form. The website is The language in the FSA Handbook isn't entirely in government jargon, so it's easier to understand than most government written publications. The website doesn't require a login so FA professionals as well as students can check it out. It covers rules and regulations for every possible higher educational institution, so semesters, quarters, trimesters, and modules are covered as well as standard and nonstandard terms and clock hours.

Cover of the current FSA Handbook

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