Monday, April 16, 2012

Grace Period

What is a grace period?

A grace period deals with your student loans, and it's the time during which you don't have to make any payments on those loans. For federal Stafford loans, the grace period is six months. At Metro Business College, the Central Finance Loan is only three months. For the federal PLUS loan, the grace period is sixty days from the last date of disbursement. This is the short answer, and like with everything dealing with FA, there are no real short answers. There are different scenarios.

One possible scenario is where you delay your grace period. If you complete a program then go directly into another program or another school, then you can fill out an in-school deferment. This will save your grace period for when you make it out your second time.

Another possible scenario is where you've already used your grace period. This would happen if you go to school, then you are out for over six months, and then go back to school. You've essentially used your grace period. On your new loans, you will still have the grace period, but your old loans may not. In the past, once it's used, then you don't get it again.

The only way to know exactly how your grace period will affect you is to contact your servicer. They will be able to give you an exact answer as to how it affects you personally, as opposed to how it works for most people.

And remember: for any new federal Stafford loan you qualify for and take out, you have a right to a six month grace period.

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